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The Nicholas Putnam Group   Environmental Consultants 
On Site Soil Resource Inventory and Site Assessment
The Nicholas Putnam Group Services
Forensic Soil Scence and Archeology Investigations
 Service to the Mining and Oil/Gas Industry
We provide detailed onsite soil mapping, classification and inventory as well as full-service evaluations for building site development, wetland delineation,  environmental protection, water reservior areas (to include stormwater), and sediment control.
At The Nicholas Putnam Group, we take care to provide our customers high quality services.  We provide a variety of environmental services including soil mapping and classification, resource inventory and site assessment, building site development, pond reservior areas, forensic soil science, erosion and sediment control plans, archeological investigations, prime farmland and hydric soil determinations, stormwater management investigations, and pre-mining and post mining soil inventory.  We also offer customized training to professionals working in environmental fields.
The Nicholas Putnam Group provides expert testimony on legal matters involving the analysis of soil material.  We also provide archeological assessments and inventories prior to earth moving.
The Nicholas Putnam Group assists companies with certification for post-mining soil material and recomemdations for post-mining vegetation and soil potential.  We offer support for runoff analysis and erosion control.  We are proud of our record of service to the coal, construction, oil, and gas industries.
If you have any questions concerning prices, please don't hesitate to contact us.